Johannes B. Ullrich, Ph.D.

PO Box 13314
Jacksonville, 32206 FL
Phone: (617) 786 1563

Professional Profile

As Chief Research Officer for the SANS Institute, I am responsible for tracking threats to the internet infrastructure by correlating firewall and intrusion detection system logs from contributors worldwide at the SANS Internet Storm Center. I developed the collection engine for this system, and grew it into a well respected early warning system which uncovered a number of high profile threats like Code Red, SQLSnake, Ramen and other worms.
As part of the SANS Technology Insitute I am serving as Dean of Faculty for the newly established Master of Science program.
My interests are currently centered around Internet infrastructure security and large scale correlation systems for rapid attack analysis and global incidents response.

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Other Achievements

  • Named one of the 50 most powerful people in the networking industry by Network World Magazine
  • Maintaining high traffic, dynamic web sites with high uptime. Close interaction with customers, designers and other developers
  • Submitted several successful government research proposals .
  • Developed web site to manage collaborative research project.
  • Performed several integrations of sophisticated scientific equipment at customer sites. Each integration required detailed understanding of customer requirements and close interactions with the customer.
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Social Media
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  • @johullrich (Twitter)

  • Selected Skills and Experience

    Security Operating system security and hardening (Linux, Windows, Solaris), Firewalls, Intrusion detection systems, malware analysis, encryption, forensics, credit card processing, web application security.
    Web Development HTML, Active Server Pages, Java Script, VB Script, cgi, Apache Server, MS IIS, FrontPage, PHP3, Secure Web Server
    DatabaseOracle 8, PL/SQL, database diagnositc and optimization, MySQL
    Hardwaregeneral PC upgrades, maintenance, trouble shooting. Designing and building custom interfaces for scientific equipment. Various networking skills. Interfaces used: GPIB (IEEE-488), AD/DA converters. Familiar with various scientific equipment (multi channel analyzers, amplifiers, photon counters, energy disperisive x-ray detectors, actuators, various x-ray systems), vacuum technology.
    Programming Perl, C/C++, FORTRAN, Pascal, Basic, Java
    Internet Setup and use of various client and server software, domain name registration, trouble shooting, security
    Operating Systems Windows, Unix (Linux)
    others Project Management, banner ad sales, understanding customer requirements

    Employment History

    2001- CTO Internet Storm Center,SANS Institute

    1999-2001 Lead Support Engineer, Banta Integrated Media

    Leading a maintenance team responsible for a number of high traffic dynamic web sites. Coordinated and performed routine changes and added additional functions. Close client contact. Emergency fixes. Database maintenance.

    1994-1999 Research Scientist, X-Ray Optical Systems, Inc.

    Responsible for design of scientific instrument components. Established testing procedures and manufacturing methods. Strong customer interaction. Principle Investigator for 3 government funded research projects.

    1993-1994 Research Assistant. University at Albany, State University of New York Research Foundation.

    Developed computer controlled systems to evaluate x-ray optic components. Responsible maintenance and operation of a wide range of scientific equipment.

    1992-1993 Teaching Assistant. University at Albany, State University of New York

    Assisted in teaching undergraduate physics course.

    1992 Teaching Assistant. Universität Würzburg, Germany.

    Responsible for teaching a laboratory course for American exchange students. Duties included selection of experiments and translation of laboratory manuals.


    1995 Ph.D. (Physics) University at Albany, State University at New York
    "Studies of Monolithic Capillary Optics for Small Sample Crystallography"
    1992 M.S. (Physics) University at Albany, State University at New York
    1987 Vordiplom (equivalent to B.S. Physics) Universität Würzburg, Germany

    Selected Publications

    J. B. Ullrich, Internet Service Providers: The little man's firewall?, SANS Reading Room 2003

    J. B. Ullrich, Windows XP: Surviving the first day. SANS Internet Storm Center

    J. B. Ullrich, V. Kovantzev and C. A. MacDonald, Measurements of Polycapillary X-Ray Optics, J. Appl. Phys., Vol. 74, No. 10, 1993.

    J. B. Ullrich, W. M. Gibson, M. V. Gubarev and C. A. MacDonald, Potential for Concentration of Synchrotron Beams with Capillary Optics, Nucl. Instr. & Meth. A, Vol. 347. 1994.

    C.A. MacDonald, C.C. Abreu, S. Budkov, H. Chen, X. Fu, W. M. Gibson, Kardiawarman, A. Karnaukhov, V. Kovantsev, I. Yu. Ponomarev, B. K. Rath, J. B. Ullrich, M. Vartanian, Q. F. Xiao, Quantitative Measurements of the Performance of Capillary X-ray Optics, in R. B. Hoover and A. Walker, eds., Multilayer and Grazing Incidence X-ray/EUV Optics II, SPIE Proc. vol. 2011, 1993.

    J. B. Ullrich, I. Yu. Ponomarev, M. V. Gubarev, N. Gao, Q.-F. Xiao, and W. M. Gibson, Development of Capillary (Kumakhov) Optics for X-Ray Diffraction Applications, invited paper, in R. B. Hoover and M. W. Tate, eds., X-Ray and UV Detectors, SPIE Proc. vol. 2278, 1994.

    J. B. Ullrich, K. G. Huang, S. M. Owens, D. C. Aloisi, F. A. Hofmann, N. Gao, I. L. Klotzko, W. M. Gibson, Concentration of Synchrotron Beams by Means of Monolithic Polycapillary X-Ray Optics, Nucl. Instr. & Meth. A, Vol. 364, 1995.

    B. K. Rath, D. C. Aloisi, D. H. Bilderback, N. Gao, W. M. Gibson, F. A. Hofmann, B. E. Homan, C. J. Jezewski, I. L. Klotzko, J. M. Mitchell, S. M. Owens, J. B. Ullrich, L. Wang, G. M. Wells, Q. F. Xiao and C. A. MacDonald, Effects of intense x-ray radiation on polycapillary fiber performance, in R. B. Hoover, M. B. Williams, eds., X-Ray and Ultraviolet Sensors and Applications, SPIE Proc. vol. 2519, 1995.

    J. B. Ullrich, Q.-F. Xiao, Capillary X-Ray Optics: A Parallel Beam Optics for Powder Diffraction, poster presentation at the APS meeting in St. Louis (March 1996)

    T. Jach, E. Steel, H. Chen, J. Ullrich, The Characterization of X-Ray Capillary Optics with a High-Resolution X-Ray Optical Bench, SPIE Proc., Vol. 2805, Denver (July 1996).

    S. M. Owens, J. B. Ullrich, I. Yu. Ponomarev, D. C. Carter, R. C. Sisk, J. X. Ho, and W. M. Gibson, Protein Crystal Structure Measurements Using Polycapillary X-Ray Optics, SPIE Proc., Vol 2859, Denver (July 1996).

    J. B. Ullrich, S. M. Owens, Q.-F. Xiao, I. Yu. Ponomarev, D. Carter, R. C. Sisk, Convergent Beam Macromolecular Crystallography Using Polycapillary X-Ray Optics, poster presentation at the 1996 IUCr meeting (Seattle)

    S. M. Owens, J. B. Ullrich, I. Yu. Ponomarev, Q.-F. Xiao, D. Carter, R. C. Sisk, W. M. Gibson, Polycapillary X-Ray Optics for Macromolecular Crystallography, poster presentation at the 1996 IUCr meeting (Seattle)

    J. B. Ullrich, Monolithic Capillary Optics: An Enabling Technology for Extraplanetary X-Ray Diffraction. JPL/CALTECH Diffraction Workshop


    You may also refer to the following web sites for samples of my work: Popular site for users of cable modems. Maintained and marketed by myself. Distributed Intrusion Detection System. Subdomain name system ( maintained by myself.


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